I have made a hobby of “collecting” Fairweathers. When I first became interested in family history, in the mid 1990’s, I found that there was little on the web which included Fairweathers worldwide. So I decided to start a database which I posted on Rootsweb’s World Connect. In the past couple of years, the Rootsweb data has still been available but I have not been able to edit my files and post updates.

I am registered as the Fairweather representative at the Guild of One-Name studies. You can email me at [email protected]  – I am member # 4856 at https://one-name.org/Guild of One-Name Studies has a section at familysearch.org in their genealogies search. Through them, I have arranged to publish a form of my database and I try to update it frequently. Do a search there and you will find that my database will be among the results of the search. It’s designed to be private for any living person’s information and does not include my notes and sources.

Another place where I have some of my information is at the free site Wikitree.com. The rules for that website ask that information be sourced so not all my database of over 73,000 Fairweather entries will be there yet. If your family is, please feel free to add and edit the information. If you want to be the profile manager, you can add yourself and take it over or be a co-manager with me. I am trying to add helpful information that has some solid sources so the information will be available for future generations. That’s at https://www.wikitree.com/.

There is a DNA study of all Fairweathers through Family Tree DNA. Anyone can join the Fairweather project there and have their DNA tested and added to the research. You have control over the privacy level of the results.  You can also add your results from some other DNA companies.